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I need a big fat phone case for when I get the new iphone what should I get like what is the most ridiculous and impractical phone case in existence






15 styles of distorted thinking


if you are not on guard for these they will own you.

yes, i mean you. i mean me. i mean everyone.


I’m pretty sure that the “should” example is what most people would call “morality”?


what’s wrong with holding others and most especially yourself to a high moral standard?

are you saying I should just expect other people to behave badly?

that I should just give up on controlling my behavior?

because if that’s so then fuck you and fuck your defeatist worldview 

I will hold myself to a standard and I will hold other people to that standard.

because not doing one or the other would make me an immoral prick, or a condescending fuckhead, or a hypocrite.

I don’t think it’s about morality at all.  When it says “the rules” it means the ones you’ve made up for the universe in your head, not the ones set forth by society or your perception of right and wrong. Not rules like “don’t kill people” but rules like “people shouldn’t tell me things I already know”.  Rules that are irrational by definition.

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and then the sweatpants, board games, and scary movies after party ensues


I recently reached the 200 follower mark, and as a thank you to all you lovely people, I’ve decided to host a little art giveaway :)


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I forgot that I had these! This was Sigil’s second outing this summer and a bit shy this time around. But he soon relaxed and enjoyed himself :) I’ll have to get more pics soon, he’s gotten much bigger!

I was gonna do a thing for kyleehenke but then I realized I can’t really draw today for squat so….

Yee I got to do some Bail Me doodles durong class. Although I think I just drew my own character wrong again *sweats*

You know what? Im done with a certain swimming show and theirs fans, if you need me I’ll be back to the fandom in like 10 years once it’s “old and forgotten” because then I don’t have to deal the obsessive “He’s my fav character don you dare talk smack about him.”
I’ll talk smack if I want. Maybe I dont like blonde shotas, maybe I dont like sharks. I dont know, whats it to ya? Mind yo own business. You have an emotional connection to this character and you’re offended that I said “I dont like his hair” well then too damn bad, you can talk crap about my fav character and I’ll be like “Well he CAN be kind of a self centered asshole and a giant piece of trash, but that’s cool if that’s your opinion and it doesn’t make me love him less. Oh, I’m a worthless human being? Well so are you if you’re getting so worked up about a person that doesnt exist. And even if he did, like Tom Hiddleston for ex, I don’t care because I dont see the point on getting offended for something that doesn’t even apply to you. I never said your hair was crap, hakuna your tatas, your hair is fine. It’s his hair that bugs me. wHOA LADY CALM DOWN YHE DOENST EVEN KNOW YOUECOXT—-“